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【 Japan National Stadium Tour 】

This tour introduces the athlete locker rooms, track and other areas of the stadium normally off-limits to the public together with memories of the Olympics and Paralympics.
Price Adult: ¥1,800(w/tax) / Children 18 and Under: ¥1,000(w/tax)
Hours: 10:00-17:00
*Please check the website for ticket purchase for the schedule and hours of operation, as the event is held irregularly.

*May be accompanied by up to two children 6 and under for free.
* Tour route may change depending on stadium operations.

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【 VIP Area & Observation Deck Tour 】

A special tour of the areas not open to the regular Japan National Stadium Tour, including the VIP Lounge and VIP seating area. Participants will receive an original eco shopping bag.
At the end of the tour, participants may enjoy a full view of the stadium from above from the 4th floor observation area.
Price Adults: ¥3,000 (w/ tax) / Children 18 and under: ¥1,500 (w/tax)
*Infants can enter for free.
Hours: 10:00-17:00
*Please check the website for ticket purchase for the schedule and hours of operation, as the event is held irregularly.

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VIP・・・VIP Area & Observation Deck Tour


Japan National Stadium
10-1 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0013


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Japan National Stadium Tour Office
Email: info@kokuritu-tours.jp
Hours: 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Weekday only

*Many issues may be resolved by reading the "FAQ(answers to frequent questions)."
Please review them first before contacting the tour office.

■Tour Policy

●Persons Prohibited Entry

・ Anyone prohibited or denied entry by either the tour organizer or the Japan National Stadium
・ Anyone not presenting a valid ticket
・ Anyone clearly under the influence of alcohol
・ Anyone refusing to cooperate with measures for preventing infection
・ Anyone the tour organizer or Japan National Stadium determines should not be allowed entry
・ Anyone affiliated with or who has close ties to organized crime or similar anti-social groups or organizations

●Prohibited Items and Activities

・ Ball games or other activities that may endanger other guests
・ Skateboarding, rollerblading and similar activities
・Track spike use
 Use of spikes is restricted to competitive events to protect the track from accelerated wear.
 Please refrain from using spikes on the track.
・ Bringing pets or other animals inside the facility, excluding service (seeing and hearing) dogs
・ Riding bicycles or motorcycles into the facility
・ Unauthorized musical performances or making of loud noises
・ Unauthorized use of unmanned aircraft (including radio-controlled airplanes, helicopters and drones)
・ Unauthorized commercial photography or filming
・ Unauthorized live distribution to an unspecified number of people (including distribution that remains in the archive)
・ Unauthorized vending, gatherings or events
・ Leaving personal articles unattended for extended periods of time, occupying benches and preventing their use by others, sleeping overnight on facility premises
・ Smoking, using open flames, or bringing dangerous goods into the facility
・ Littering or unauthorized dumping of waste
・ Allowing animals to run free, tying animals up to facility property, not cleaning up after animals
・ Improper or illegal transactions related to tickets or other items
・ Picking or cutting down plants or trees on facility premises
・ Abusive language or behavior that is intimidating, threating or violent to others
・ Damaging or destroying facility equipment or property
・ Attempting to enter restricted areas
・ Climbing up or hanging from facility property, including partitions, fences and handrails
・ Activities that are nuisance to other guests
・ Any activities that the organizer or the Japan National Stadium determines are disruptive to the holding of tours or other events, or interfere with the operation and administration of the facility, or are dangerous or a nuisance to other guests

●The following items are prohibited

Dangerous items Dangerous items

Alcoholic beverages Alcoholic beverages

Open flame Open flame